Monday, April 20, 2009

Seoul Restaurant Week: Fine Dining at Friendlier Prices

Since 2006, trendy upscale restaurants of the Grand Tables Association have held a "restaurant week" where they offer special lunch and dinner menus at prices that won't scare the pants off of college kids who want to impress their dates.

Set menus are said to be priced at 20,000 won (lunch) and 30,000 won (dinner), VAT not included. Which, considering their normal prices, is a pretty good deal.

The week for spring 2009 starts on April 20th (Mon) and runs to April 26th (Sun) with 16 restaurants participating, mostly in the Chungdam district :

Adena Garden (Multidining)
A.O.C. (Brasserie & Wine Bar)
Cafe-t First Avenue (European Dining)
Casa del Vino (Wine Bar)
Dintaifung Korea Gangnam (Dimsum)
Grill H (Western & Korean Grill)
La Cucina (Italian)
Mi Piace (Italian) no homepage Tel. (02) 516-6317
Once in a Blue Moon (Live Jazz Club)
Pazin (Chinese Fusion)
Seasons (Japanese) no homepage Tel. (02) 517-0905~6
TANI (Asian Fusion)
TANI Next Door (Asian Fusion)
Yong Su San (Finest Korean Dining)
Yum China (Chinese, Dimsum)

Reservations are recommended.

FYI : (02) is Seoul's district number, so when calling within Seoul just omit it.

Resurrection of a Blog

Does it count when the blog wasn't fully "living" in the first place?

I created this blog nearly a year ago with great aspirations, only to be bogged down with a gamut of problems from the personal to the non-personal, and in the resulting whirlwind this blog got kicked to the corner without even a chance to let out an indignant whimper and was promptly lost and forgotten.

Well, it's back.

Not that all my problems are solved. Heck, life doesn't work that way. When a problem goes away, another problem shows up with a huge grin in its place: Ta-da! Ya thought life was going to be peachy now, didn't ya? Well, guess again, muhahahahahaha!

I digress.

Let's just say I decided that restarting this thing would let me take a step back and think about other things besides this ever-complicated life of mine and not freak out so much about problems that won't get solved by my obsessing so... yeah.

Blog is back. Hope that it'll survive.