Thursday, April 28, 2011

After the rain

The cherry blossoms fall.
I did manage to catch glimpses of the blossoms before they passed; my apartment complex is full of them and my parents' neighborhood (where I spent most of April doggysitting) is also lined with cherry trees. Which is good for me, since I didn't have time nor the energy to haul my exhausted self to the flower festivals this year.

My apartment complex, seen from my balcony.

Cherry blossoms in my parents' neighborhood.

Lanterns are up for the upcoming Buddha's Birthday on May 10th.

Although this is only my second(!) post of April on this blog, I posted regularly on the Korea Blog about : Top 10 Korean snacks, How to Bow, Shopping at Doota in Dongdaemun, and other topics.

I still have a bunch of personal winter posts that are waiting in folders in my computer but it seems kind of silly to write them up now, with spring fully here.
You never know. I might get in a contrary mood and post them anyway.

Hoping for some free time in May for serious wining and dining - haven't had much occasion in April.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winter sea

Since spring seems to be finally here I'm saying goodbye to the long(est) winter.

The waves say hello, goodbye.

This couple made a pretty picture.

My shadow likes to stretch flat and long.

My friend Hannah likes to leave footprints in the sand.

The waves hug the beach and disappear slowly.

Listen to the waves.