Monday, April 20, 2009

Resurrection of a Blog

Does it count when the blog wasn't fully "living" in the first place?

I created this blog nearly a year ago with great aspirations, only to be bogged down with a gamut of problems from the personal to the non-personal, and in the resulting whirlwind this blog got kicked to the corner without even a chance to let out an indignant whimper and was promptly lost and forgotten.

Well, it's back.

Not that all my problems are solved. Heck, life doesn't work that way. When a problem goes away, another problem shows up with a huge grin in its place: Ta-da! Ya thought life was going to be peachy now, didn't ya? Well, guess again, muhahahahahaha!

I digress.

Let's just say I decided that restarting this thing would let me take a step back and think about other things besides this ever-complicated life of mine and not freak out so much about problems that won't get solved by my obsessing so... yeah.

Blog is back. Hope that it'll survive.

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