Thursday, July 9, 2009


So when did July happen? -_-a

It's pouring buckets of monsoon rain right now; half-ton sized buckets, thrown haphazardly with such force the windows are rattling like an oversized cartoon snake.

And wouldn't you know it was only last week that the management of the apartment complex that I live in decided that it was finally time for a good window-washing? Typical, isn't it.

(Can you see the tiny window-washers on the roof and far top right?)

Life is all about timing. The whos, whats, and hows really do matter but personally, I find that it's usually the whens that tend to screw things up. I've had a bit of 'when problems' the past few months, the ones over which I have no control. (A control freak's nightmare.) It's like deciding to wash everything clean and start over with a clear view and then having dirty torrential rain beating you down.

Today's weather is like a metaphor of my current life. I'm hoping for the sun tomorrow, like Little Orphan Annie. In the meantime, I think I'll (try to) write backtrack posts of the past couple of months, just in order to get my mind off this monsoon storm.

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