Monday, May 3, 2010

May May bring Spring

When I was a kid I never understood why grownups would constanty talk about weather. I mean, really. Weather? What is there to talk about? It's always there. Yes, of course it changes but there so many other change evoking factors in life that you'd think you'd take something like mercurial weather for granted.

Shows you what the fark I know. (Absolutely nothing.)

I have never bitched, whined and complained this much about weather before. Ever. 'You thought it was spring but it isn't by a long mile!' teaser March weared me down completely and as I was looking forward to April, that month came in even more evil than its predecessor. Perhaps that month is now cursed with the words of T.S. Eliot who ruined it for everyone by claiming that April is the cruellest month, although he definitely wasn't talking about weather. I spent April in sweaters and parkas and thermal underwear.

It's May now. I am less cold and extremely thankful for it, although I still stare at the sky with deep suspicion before going out.

Ever setting up new projects; running around meeting people, drinking and dining, talking, socializing, thinking, planning, trying to get things going.

I started painting again. Hoping to justify that 'living creatively' statement I have up there without feeling like a hack. It's going to be a long process, but I'll get there.


Anonymous said...

Anyeong, Suzy-ssi (hope you don't mind me calling you this way?)

Awesome blog you have, and definitely is stuck on reading every past post. Just a teeny question, I'd be heading to Seoul this May.

What's the typical weather I should be expecting? And how should I pack my clothings?

Thanks and have an awesome week ahead!

- Euphemia ^^

seoulsuzy said...

Hi, Euphemia.
I wish I could tell you what May weather would be like, but it's been so mercurial for the past few years. -_-;;

Usually you'd wear a long sleeve T-shirt and add a jacket for the cloudy or rainy days, but last year it was hot as summer one day and then cold as autumn the next.
I'd suggest layers. Cotton t-shirts (both short and long sleeve) and a jacket or cardigan.

Ask me again when May comes near, I might be able to answer more accurately. Cheers. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks! Yeah, I guess with the (very) unpredictable weather changes these days. Like even now, it's as cold as 0'C in Korea! Hmm!!

I'd definitely check back when the time is nearer. ^^

- Euphemia