Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Curry, anyone? - Asia Asia in Ilsan

Spicy veggie curry with nan

Rule of thumb about curry in Korea: if it's pronounced 'kah-reh', it's the Japanese style curry we're talking about; if it's pronounced 'kuh-rhee', it's the Indian style. I went for some 'kuh-rhee' at Asia Asia, an "authentic" Indian curry place at the Western Dom in Ilsan.

Gum-achingly sweet plain lassi. There are fruit varieties as well, but I prefer the plain.

Tandoori chicken with spicy sauce and side salad. The chicken, despite being well seasoned, was a bit overcooked and dry. Boo.

The curry. Ample portion for two. I wanted to pour it over pasta, rice, noodles, everything. Made up for the weak chicken.

I really liked the interior. Although not truly Indian, the layout was a well thought out mix of everything South Asian, or with the ambiance of South Asia. Lighting was soft, the music not too loud, no annoying scents that clash with the food (some restaurants have scented candles or burn incense, which I think is nuts), and thankfully the noise from the clients didn't resonate above a certain volume within the space.

Oddly, there was a huge widescreen on one of the walls - when I went Toy Story 3 was playing silently and kept the kids on the other side rather quiet. Not sure what the exact purpose of it is, but if it'll keep kids still in their seats, I'm all for it.

Asia Asia is on the second floor of the Belle Zone of Western Dom, store number I-206 .
We went without reservations and found places in the hall, but for a large party (6 or more) reserve the rooms.


Western Dom is a short walk from Madu Station or Jeongbalsan Station (both line 3) - head towards the MBC Dream Center, or take a bus (check out the list at the bottom of the page for the MBC Dream Center) and get off at Ilsan-donggucheong (일산동구청).



Anonymous said...

The Indian Food looks just heavenly and delicious.

jeanny said...

Hello! I found your website on the Korean Blog List while hunting for information about Ilsan.

Your blog is great; just wanted to say hi and express my admiration. Happy Thursday!

seoulsuzy said...

@jeanny - Thanks for dropping by. Have a happy week! ^_^

jeanny said...

I actually went to Asia Asia yesterday! The chicken makhani was quite good, if you don't mind the pound of butter that's probably in it.