Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, keep your head up!

SM Entertainment's official YT channel

...although the now-a-duo DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki thinks you should keep your head down. Still gutted that the group split, but I'm supporting the breakaways JYJ as well, although my Yunho bias keeps me rooting a tad bit more for the ones who stayed.

And behold me, whose first post of 2011 is about a boyband. Oh, well. Some things never change.

I spent the first days of 2011 battling a terrible cold. I still have it, although I can now speak without sounding like a dying carburetor. Luckily my fridge is stuffed with New Year's leftovers that Mum packed for me, which I'm still eating and will probably last for another week. Trying to cook while sick isn't fun, so much thanks to Mum.

Decided not to make grandiose resolutions this year. I do have a key word, though: ORDER. I have been living in a pell-mell fashion for so long; my life could use some structure. Not that I plan to live within strict guidelines or start living a conventional life - I don't think I'd be able to even if I tried - but I realize I could be achieving so much more with a bit more discipline. (Procrastination, I will kick you to the curb!)

We'll see how I did in another 12 months.

Happy New Year~!


Sarroro said...

they don't impressed me much on that video, maybe my expectation has been raised by their big name (dbsk).

QiRanger said...

Glad you're feeling better Suzi! My kids love TVXQ. They scream at the sight of them! I remember seeing them back in 2008 and thinking to myself, they have some good moves, but MJ is better.

seoulsuzy said...

@Sarroro - probably because we're so used to seeing the 5 of them and not 2. :(

@QiRanger - No one compares to the king, but these boys are just top of the K-pop scene right now. :)