Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet pudding at Les Fruits N*

When you're on a sweet kick and get tired of ice cream, there are many alternatives: cake and pastries, patbingsu, and puddings. Les Fruits N* is a pudding and dessert specialty cafe at the Samsung Town building in Gangnam.

There's a selection of various puddings,

cakes and pastries.

Sweetness paired with bitter coffee is the best.

The pudding is the chilled variety, not the creamy soft type, closer to the consistency of a hard panna cotta.
They come in little glass jars which you can take home. My friends use them to store buttons or use as pots for small plants. Most have caramel or sweet syrup at the base according to the flavor. Vanilla is on the left, green tea on the right in the photo below.

The cafe is quite spacious and bright. It is on the B2 level so you don't get an outdoor view but as it's in a large office building, people watching becomes quite interesting.

Reading the copy on their cups is equally entertaining. "Fruity life"? There are so many competent English speakers in Korea, why marketing consulting firms don't hire them to proofread things will always be a mystery to me.

How to get there:
Samsung Town is linked to the underground exit #4 of Gangnam station, metro line 2 .

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Twilight Man said...

Your photos really made me drool. I am an incurable coffee and desserts addict! I love to hang out in such places with trendy ambiance. They make the food and mood greater.