Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer with Cocoa

...the spoiled rotten 11 year old family poodle.

I spent more than half of August at my parents' place doggysitting while they were on vacation. Cocoa spent more than half of that time either sleeping or napping. Both of us were pretty tired of the rain.

He finally got a haircut after my parents came back. I'm back home, trying to catch up on work, only to discover that my desktop is dying. Thankfully I have a laptop as backup but since my cellphone is dying as well, my finances are going to be hit pretty hard.
Murphy's Law. Such is life.

I'm looking forward to autumn.


Frog Kim said...

ajumma*, your blog is way cool.
Have spent hour going through back pages, and leaving note of appreciation.

Thanks for the pretty pictures and all around fun commentary on living in The City.

[*no insult; 1 woman projct reclaiming the 'lady' word]

decimal shoes said...

love your dogs :D
Decimal Shoes

Juls said...

Wow. what a cute dog! I hope to have one soon.