Thursday, August 13, 2009

SICAF and SCLF 2009

I'm a geek. I have no qualms about being a geek. As long as I'm not talking the ears off of people who are completely uninterested in what I'm raving about and as long as I have a grip on reality and don't let my geekdom seep into it, I figure I'm fine.
(I don't quite understand the "deep" geeks; the sci-fi fans who greet others with their particular fandom's greetings, for example. Too much, my dears.)

The Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival was held last month with the Seoul Character & Licensing Fair at COEX. It's an annual event that I rarely miss.
I usually don't have enough time to check out the animation films but like to meander through the exhibits and booths. SICAF is the exhibition part of the convention, where the focus is on original art and history of Korean cartoons and animation.

The SCLF section focuses more on merchandise. There's a humunguous amount and variety of character goods available. Korean, Japanese, and other international brands have booths showing off goods that you really don't need but somehow just want and can't pass by.
It's simply an explosion of cute. Bread keychains, anyone?

And of course no cartoon/animation convention wouldn't be complete without characters (Power Rangers!) running about. I couldn't help but think how stuffy and hot they must have been in costume, even with the air-conditioning on full force.

I got tired taking photos after a while.
The final day of the convention is full of cosplayers and it's quite the spectacle to see, but I haven't cosplayed in years (yes, I did once upon a time) so I just went on a weekday to avoid being squashed in the crowd.

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