Thursday, August 13, 2009

SICAF and SCLF 2009 - Part 3

There is a section for independent artists hidden away in the huge convention space and frankly it is one of the most inspiring. The handmade items and art pieces are refreshingly human in the midst of the sea of mass produced paraphehalia.

This particular artist, RipinAlice, caught my eye right away. Not only because her main theme was a favorite of mine but also because her work was cute and intricate at the same time. I conversed with her shortly and she was as sweet as her work.
Besides her official site, she has a blog.

Another artist that I was already familiar with was Drinky Doll. I have a thing for rabbits (another influence from Alice in Wonderland) and this artist has a very distinct and original main character rabbit.
I didn't have the chance to talk to the artist, unfortunately. His/her (don't know) work comprises mostly of carved wood sculptures and illustrations. More art on the artist's blog.
And now the geeky/dorky/goofy part. I couldn't have gone to a cartoon/animation convention and just took pictures like a reporter, could I? Geeky girls just wanna have fun!

In Asia, the "V" sign - f0r victory, not the rude British interpretation for this gesture - is obligatory when taking photos. Double V! Notice my convention-appropriate Candy Candy shirt!

Forgot who I was supposed to be. I think I got the expression right, though.

Hello, Mashimaro! He was damn terrified of me, I wonder why. (Tried to run away but I caught him!)
I had another uber-dorky photo of myself in a pink wig and mad scientist glasses but friends, after seeing it, advised me not to upload it anywhere else because they said people who don't know me would judge me and I would never ever, ever ever ever, have new friends whatsoever in the future.
I'm willing to bet most people's imagination are far worse than the actual thing so it's probably better to post it anyways but since my friends are so adamant about it... Imagine away. ;P


Dave said...

Hey Suzy! Great pictures.

The V sign is only offensive if you do it with your fingernails facing the other person. If you do it 'peace' style, it's alright.

Unless the viewing person can't see how your hand is oriented. Then two fingers in the air will look like two fingers in the air.

In any case, I think the photos look cuter anyway when the fingers are together. That's socially acceptable regardless of orientation.

seoulsuzy said...

Hey, I didn't know that. British references simply say 'V' sign so it's interesting to know there's a differentiation.

Fingers together = very Trekkie, no? ;P