Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I've been up to

There's a saying that time flies at the speed of your age times three. So the older you get, the faster time whizzes by. Which, I think, is quite an accurate assessment. Where did summer go?

Have a new project up and going. Mostly an effort to get my drawing hands back, it's basically a documentation of the progress of my drawing skills.
I draw characters, cut them out, place them in real life settings and take pictures of them. Not a big deal, but a big help to me, because it also forces me to get out of the house for much needed sunshine (and vitamin D) and prevents me from falling into the stuck-in-room-pseudoartist-depression trap.

Posting depends heavily not on how fast I draw but how fast I manage to edit the photos so inevitably it's going to be pretty sporadic, with batches going up in heavy loads.

The first batch is up at my project blog at Naver.

My favorite of that batch "Boy with Umbrella"

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