Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Bumpy Arm

A very hungry mosquito (or mosquitoes) had a feast on my being the other night. I'm a light sleeper so usually the annoying whizzing sound would have woken me up, but I was so dead tired that night I didn't notice until morning.

I also have a bite on my forehead right between my eyebrows (no, I'm not posting a photo of that), and a couple on my other arm. My legs weren't savaged because they were thankfully under blankets but the swelling on my left arm is more than enough to cover for the missed spots.

I mean, really. If you take a picture of my arm sideways there are angry red hills standing up! I'm convinced a gigantic mountain mosquito somehow managed its way in because I honestly can't believe a wimpy city mosquito did this.

Hope they don't scar too badly. (You know you're not as young as you used to be when bug bites leave scars.)


Eva Internazionale said...

It looks like you're allergic to mosquito bites. (I am too and had to go to a doctor twice this summer for Medrol shots)

seoulsuzy said...

Thanks for the advice. I didn't even realize one could be allergic to mosquito bites. (It wasn't like this when I was a kid.)

Nhemskie said...

Try going to the dermatologist and see what they can do for them. Better earlier so you wouldn't have scars! Have a nice day~