Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life is a Blur

I remember being startled by the calendar declaring September. Now September is slipping away and if I hadn't been a diligent (i.e. OCD) diarykeeper I would have no idea what I have done the past several weeks. My memory is a complete blur.

Although I don't announce it here, I've been keeping up with my Napzzak Project and posting quite regularly. The latest batch was taken on Namsan (South Mountain) on a cloudy drizzling day.

Girl with Seoul Tower in background
Seoul is surrounded by hills and mountains. Namsan sits right in the middle of the city, though. Despite all the urban growth crowding in, it has held to its nature, both figuratively and literally.
Look at all the wildlife you can encounter!

The pheasants are slow, so they're easier to spot. (Hee hee hee.)

You can either walk up by the hiking trail through the pines and breathe in their scent while lounging in the rest areas...

...or you can walk up alongside the paved roadway and rest in more conventional benches.

I hiked the first half and switched to the pavement the latter half. Took a self portrait on the way. I love how goofy I look in these things.

At the top is Seoul Tower. Didn't take a picture of it (like all those years in Paris I never took a photo of the Eiffel Tower) but there was a floating wire man waiting in the plaza just dying to be photographed. See?

There was another man further on, who appeared to be flying in an elegant swan pose.
The floating sculptures are part of French artist Cedric Le Borgne's Travellers series. They will be installed there until the end of 2010. I plan to go again at night to take a picture with the spotlights shining.


Dave said...
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Dave said...

Really like those sculptures but there seems to be a strange seoul tower shaped object in that last photo...

I really like those public loungers, too. Wonder if anybody ever lounges though? Maybe for sleeping outside when the temperature rises?

seoulsuzy said...

Ooooh, good eye. Perhaps I should change the wording?
The loungers were very comfortable. Had the weather been better, I think halmonis and harabujis would have taken over.

Diem Chau said...

I like those sculptures! Are they permanent or just a temporary installation?

seoulsuzy said...

Temporary, but until the end of next year.