Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coffee in Heaven M

My friends and I were walking in a familiar neighborhood when we discovered a previous pub (or restaurant, couldn't remember properly) had transformed into a café. The front looked inviting so we hopped in.

Lovely lighting, lovely wall moldings. I didn't have a drawing on me - otherwise I would've taken a pic for my Napzzak Project using them as a frame.

Word hasn't gone around yet; there were very few customers and the employees were chatting among themselves behind the counter. The staff were very friendly and polite.

The whole café's interior had a "natural" theme to it, I'm pretty sure the lighting was chosen to emulate soft morning sunlight.

I loved their plants (all real). This area being closed off we assumed it was the smoking area but it wasn't. A cozy nook to read magazines while sipping espresso.

They offered us complimentary sweet toast saying that the full version was available on the menu.
I had it with a strong cup of triple-shot Americano. The coffee was thick and earthy, the way I like it.
And of course, the obligatory toy geek shot. Junko Mizuno Qee (again) amongst the orchids.

Unless it's swamped with obnoxiously loud trend-seeking poseurs the next time I'm in the neighborhood, I'm definitely going to drop by again.
They're so new their website isn't complete, but you get their contact info and address.

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