Friday, November 13, 2009

A Night Bus Ride

Night Bus Ride in Seoul from suzyinseoul on Vimeo.

To break away from my "I'm up to my neck in the busy-as-heck swamp" mode, I've uploaded a video clip of a bus ride I took last month from the Seoul Arts Center to about Gangnam Station. It's from one of those mini maeul buses (village bus = neighborhood bus) that goes through mainly residential areas peppered with a bit of commercial zones.

It's a pretty long vid; it's in real time. Don't know why the camera (took the vid with my point-and-shoot) picked up so much static. Anyhow, check out how many coffee shops are passed in that short period of time, and also check out the cool light saber-esque streetlights that district has. It ends a bit abruptly as I had to hurry to not miss my stop.


yurieca garnis said...

anyeong ! :)
wow, interesting..
i've always wanted to go to seoul.. :)

btw, i've learned korean a bit..hehe. hope you can help me learning it..tee hee.. ;)

seoulsuzy said...

Come visit, I say this is truly the city that never sleeps.
Good luck on your Korean, it's an easy language to read but not an easy language to speak. 화이팅!