Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Cocoa the Spoiled Poodle Post

Because I've been sitting on my lazy derriere and not editing the gazillion food and travel related photos taking up space on my harddrive, I present you (rather) old photos of Cocoa in his usual glory.

In his seat of power, i.e. my dad's lap. Dad is his favorite head-scratcher.
Aaaaaaah, that feels good.

Aiiiieeeeee! Happy screams! He also likes to have his neck scritched.

So what's your problem? His usual 'now don't give me attitude' face.

Power sleeping. Do dogs sleep hard or what?


Foreigner Joy said...

I featured this in a recent post:

Check it out:)

seoulsuzy said...

@ Foreigner Joy
Thanks for the mention, but I have to point out I'm not an ex-pat but Korean Korean!

Cheers, ^_^