Monday, February 8, 2010

Fine Chinese Dining at CHUNG

When you think of Chinese dining in Korea, it's probably the ubiquitous jjajangmyun that first comes to mind. It's a highly Koreanized noodle dish whose main forte is the fact that it can be delivered anywhere, and by anywhere I mean from living quarters to office buildings to the banks of the Han river where you might be picnicking. (Once you get spoiled by the 24hour Korean food delivery service you're pretty much doomed to live anywhere else.)
Along with jjajangmyun there's also the standard noodles-in-soup dish jjampong, sweet and sour pork/beef tangsuyuk that are commonly mentioned.

I'm not that fond of Chinese food; I've had more than my fair share of delivery jjajangmyun while working late late hours during my yuppie years and it's only on rare occasions that I find myself joining others to restaurants with round tables and spinning lazy Susans.
However, when an establishment has a scent of authenticity and/or creativity in their cuisine and manages to pull it off, I find myself pigging out like no other and heaping praises accordingly.

CHUNG in the Samcheong area is one of those places. I honestly can't mention anything about the authenticity of its cuisine (there are far too many different cooking styles in China and I'm no expert) but the execution and presentation were very pleasing. The staff were friendly, helpful and not too clingy.

Soft lighting always throws my camera off and takes blurry pictures. (I'm too lazy to carry around my DSLR.)

They offer a variety of set menus at different price ranges, including a lighter lunch menu and a junior set for kids. We had the CHUNG Original Course menu, accompanied by wine that the sommelier had recommended and of which I had neglected to take a picture. They have a fair wine list to enhance the dishes they had to offer.

Assorted cold dishes of marinated seafood, beef and veggies.

Sweet pumpkin juk.

Shark's fin with abalone sauce.

Sauteed sea cucumber with veggies.

Abalone and asparagus with black moss.

Braised steam pork belly and bak choi.

Sauteed scallops with black bean sauce.

Sweet and sour something (compliments from the chef, forgot what it was, d'oh!)

Warm noodles to finish.
I didn't bother taking photos of the fruit and tea for dessert.

In the main street of the Samcheong district, easy to find
Reservations required

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The food looks sooo good!