Friday, October 15, 2010

Keith Haring in Korea

The same September day I went to Olympic Park, I checked out the Keith Haring exhibit at the Soma Museum. Barking doggy sign marks the spot.

Upright Torso by German artist Wieland Förster greets you at the museum entrance.
This cute university student couple made me realize that I had never, ever been on an art date. I've been to plenty of concerts (rock and classical), movies, musicals, theatre, dance, heck even lakes and mountains, but never to a museum nor art gallery on a date. I'm an art person who has never dated a guy into art. What gives? (Unnecessary but interesting point to ponder.)

Photos of the exhibit was prohibited, except in the hallways. Great use of light and color in this one.
And great black and white contrast in this one: to the next exhibit room follow the arrows.

I call Haring's famous kneeling pose icon "power baby" because the first time I ever saw it was on a pregnant woman's oversized t-shirt.
Photos from Haring's New York subway art series. The setting is supposed to be like the subway platforms.
The museum is light and airy, with windows overlooking the open-air sculpture park.
Small gift shop near the exit. I found the souvenirs way overpriced (like most exhibit promotional items) so skipped buying anything.
Talking about promotions, there was a tie-in with GM Daewoo's Matiz. I admit, the cars were cute.

I would definitely go for the red dog. I think the organizers would've done great had they gotten permission to print and sell car stickers. I would've certainly bought some.
Obligatory 'I was there' shot with signature stick-out elbows pose. (I'm growing my hair out, btw.)

The Keith Haring exhibit is no longer showing in Seoul and has moved to Busan:
Lotte Gallery at Lotte Department Store Gwangbok
Official Twitter

The exhibit runs till November 14th, 2010.


Puffin Watch said...

Art dates are hard. I like art. I like art dates. But I find I always have a different pace. I'm kind of "crap crap crap, okay this is nice and I'll look at it for a while." My dates usually look at everything for an even amount of time.

The Grand Narrative said...

Thanks for the links at the end: I'd have had no idea that it had moved to Busan if I hadn't read your post. Now that I know, I'll take the family and see it next weekend!^^

seoulsuzy said...

@ Puffin Watch - I don't think I have an even pace either, which is most likely the reason why I don't go on art dates. You always have to think of the other person. (I used to spend hours staring at this particular painting of Monet's water lilies at l'Orangerie that the guard knew me by name. I had a year pass.)

@ Grand Narrative
How was the Busan exhibit? I wonder how they managed to set up everything. Heard some say the exhibit had a more intimate feel than Seoul.