Monday, November 1, 2010

November melancholy

There's a November Legend in the Korean entertainment industry - it's an extremely unlucky month. Many scandals, accidents and deaths occurred during November for the past several decades.

Talented singers Yoo Jae Ha and Kim Hyeon Sik both died on the first day of November; Yoo in 1987 from a car accident, Kim in 1990 from health problems. Before the Korean music scene became peppered with well-trained autotuned-to-the-max prancing and dancing K-pop idols, there was an abundance of "real" singers. Both Yoo and Kim were the cream of the crop, and their early deaths were quite the shock to fans. (Yoo was 25, Kim was 32.)

Their music is like poetry with melodies, tinged with sadness and melancholy.

Yoo Jae Ha - Because I Love

Kim Hyeon Sik - My love near me

And so November starts.


Traveling Hawk said...

Nice music! Sad and nostalgic. I love Korean music. May you recommend also other singers, similar to these two?

seoulsuzy said...

The styles differ a bit, but most of the music of the late 80s and early 90s were sung by great singers: Kim Gwang-Seok, Choi Hosub, Kwon Inha, Cho Gyuchan, Yoo Heeyeol,etc.
This user on Youtube has a great selection: