Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baskin Robbins Favorite * D café in Gangnam

It's getting hotter. Spring rains fell on the country during the long holidays from Children's Day to Buddha's Birthday, and after the rain completely evaporates I'm pretty sure spring will unceremoniously succumb to summer.

I'm currently on a sweets kick. (Lethargy makes me crave sugar like no other and if this isn't the season to be drowsy and lethargic, I don't know what is.) My current haunt when in the Gangnam area is Baskin Robbins, specifically the Favorite *D café on the second floor, where it isn't only 31 flavors that are being served.

Regular counter service on the first floor. Then you go up the stairs...

The second floor's atmosphere is bright and cheery (and looks like something Barbie would like).

I love the door handles here!

When you're seated the waitress hands you the menu with a separate flyer for Today's Specials.

Somedays you just want a simple drink, whether fruit juice or an ice cream milkshake. (cookies & cream)

Or you can go for more elaborate desserts like crème brûlée and ice cream. (pistachio)

Or brownies with ice cream. (cherry jubilee)


If the sweetness gets too sugary for you, you can always wash it down with coffee.

Favorite * D café is situated in Gangnam, a short walk from exit #7 from Gangnam metro station (Line 2).
It's right next to the City Cinema building, impossible to miss.


Álvaro Gómez Castro said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow how did i not come across this before!

seoulsuzy said...

AGC - Thanks for dropping by. Wish I knew how to speak Spanish in order to read your blog.

Noe - Definitely worth checking out!

Twilight said...

The food looks yummy. Drool!... Drool!
I am a fan of Baskin Robbins cos it is cheaper than Haagen Daz.

Miu said...

OMG! Looks amazing... it's my birthday and been looking to treat myself this weekend. Think I might have to take a trip to Kangnam >.<

seoulsuzy said...

Miu - Happy belated birthday! Hope you had the change to treat yourself. ^_^