Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cozy dining at Gallery Hyun

I like eating out a lot. Mostly because I get so darn tired of my own cooking; there's a limit to the experimentation of new recipes one is willing to go through when you're cooking for yourself. And I'm not fond of entertaining either so off to restaurants I go.

Gallery Hyun is a wine and art gallery / Italian restaurant in the alley of Samcheongdong. Besides the hall floors where artwork is on display among the tables, a separate room with a terrace on the top floor and a private table setting in the "cave" (wine cellar) are also available. The view from the terrace is quite lovely, overlooking the Samcheong area and mountains in the background.

We had a light dinner course.

A juicy roasted sweet potato half is served instead of a heavy bread basket.

Grilled pine mushrooms with salad and vinaigrette.

Asparagus with a hint of pumpkin soup.

Simple pasta with spicy heat.

Tomato salad with balsamic sauce.

Mango sherbet as chaser.

Lamb chop with yuzu and mint jelly.
I absolutely love the lamb they serve here. Perfectly cooked. Not too fatty, not too lean.

Dessert: mini meringue, "sturdy" pudding and ice cream.

Had an American pinot noir with the meal; I'm trying to overcome my French wine bias.
They have a great wine list and the staff are well informed.

I appreciate how casual this place is without losing a formal atmosphere. It's not overun by college kids trying to impress their dates nor young career women trying out the trendiest new thing. The staff are friendly and approachable, too.

Gallery Hyun

Reservations needed
Tel : 02-722-0701


Anonymous said...

college kids and young career old are you?! =P yeh, we are grown-ups @.@

Anonymous said...

oops! I'm Sangin ^^;;

seoulsuzy said...

Okay, so I sound like a snob. ;-P
It just bothers me when people don't go to restaurants for the food, but for other reasons.

S said...

This is everything but italian food. My God.