Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane (not), crossing a bridge on a bus

Check-in counters at Incheon International Airport

I feel like going somewhere. I actually don't like to travel, though. Perhaps it's due to my long history of motion sickness, but I'm like the kid in the back seat with the perpetual question: "Are we there yet?" I want to be there already.

Reason why I prefer buses to the metro; at least you have an outside view. Cars and taxis, you're most likely to be staring at the rear end of another car or drivers in other lanes from typical bumper-to-bumper traffic. Bus seats are up higher; you can see the sky without straining your neck muscles.

Don't like to fly either, view or not. After a while one cloud starts looking very much like another so the view isn't a plus. I'm slightly claustrophobic (always an aisle seat for me) and also a bit OCD (my sis will probably yell, "whaddaya mean, a bit?", but hey) so being stuck in a flying container with recycled air kind of bugs me.

But I still want to be in other places. Summer vacation plans are swimming in my head already.

To go to/come from Incheon Airport from/to Seoul, you have to cross the Incheon Bridge, which rests above a stretch of sea between the mainland and Yeongjong Island. It's a looooooooong bridge with a great view.

I took a video on a rainy cloudy day of a bus trip across the bridge where the sea looked like somber gray liquid slate. Didn't film the whole ride - it would have been utterly boring - but the video shows my ride as it truly was:


Confini amministrativi - Riigipiirid - Political borders - 国境 - 边界 said...

Congratulations on Your original website!
I arrived here just surfing.
Best wishes from an Estonian blogger living in Italy :)

seoulsuzy said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Estonia! A country I'd like to visit some day. The name is so beautiful. ^_^