Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup 2010 - The Park Ji Sung

Screen capture from top Korean portal sites Naver and Daum

He's everywhere. Park Ji Sung. Or, I should say, as the post title says: THE Park Ji Sung. Manchester United midfielder, current captain of the national football team, and a marketer's dream of a poster boy for World Cup season. Hey, the Cup only comes once every four years, so you have to milk it, eh? Not that I'm complaining. The guy is killer on the field and he's on our side.

His main sponsor is, of course, NIKE. He is the central focus of their World Cup campaign here:

on store fronts,

in window displays,

on the promotional wall-wrap of a major metro station entry ramp.

Nike aren't the only ones who are placing Park left, right and center. Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Paris Baguette (all managed by the same company) had the same idea.

Would you like a coolata?

Or just step in the bakery and get some goodies!

Krispy Kreme got in the act and are having a "buy box of donuts, get cute PJS character t-shirt" event going on. I wish someone would buy the donuts and give up the t-shirt for me. (For the life of me, I can't eat Krispy Kremes at all. My teeth start to ache at the sight of them and just one bite makes me gulp down two mugs of coffee. And still the sweetness won't go away.)

Alcohol and football, what a match. I find it hilarious that it's Guiness and Smirnoff.

And is anyone in the mood for Park Ji Sung jumeokbap (rice balls in fried tofu wrap)?

Or vitamin sets?

It's a big game against Argentina tonight. Park has already scored a goal in the game against Greece. Among the myriad of nicknames he has, we believe in the "Oxygen Tank" and that he'll come through, along with the rest of the fabulous team. Dae~Han Min Guk!

P.S. Although Park is the star's star, I am quite fond of Lee Chung Yong of the Bolton Wanderers, another essential player on the team. Eye candy!

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