Monday, July 5, 2010

Seonyudo Park - bits of nature with lots of flowers

Before the summer heat descended upon the peninsula, I took a trip to Seonyudo Park on a cloudy day. Seonyudo Park is an island on the Han River; it used to be the site for water purification plants but was closed down in 2000, and Seoul city renovated the island into an ecological park and reopened the area in 2002.

The entryway from the bus stop is on a low slope.

Entry. Being a public park, there is no entrance fee. They control the number of visitors so the park won't groan and moan from overpopulation. It was a weekday when I went (the perks of freelancing) so I was number 242. Weekends are obviously more crowded.

Things you shouldn't do in the park. The hefty fines were actually listed on this sign, the most serious offenses being: damaging and hurting trees; camping, cooking, building fires; cultivating the land for farming (this made me laugh, it's so Korean - people would farm on any open land possible); hurting or hunting the wildlife that lives on the island.

Of course, smoking is prohibited.

Tall young trees create a sound barrier against the city hum.
Thicker foliage would come with age.
Paths to walk on hand in hand.

A particular characteristic about Korean parks, most of the time you're not allowed to step on the grass. I've been told by botany experts that it's because the type of grass that is grown here is different from that in America or Europe, it's so fragile that it dies very easily. Perhaps the foreign types don't grow well on the soil but it's such a pity that you can't just plop yourself down on the lawn somewhere.

Apparently in Seonyudo the grass is let open periodically; this sign declares that it is currently the "rest period".

There's a deck on the west side of the park, where you can overlook the Han River.

The opposite side of the deck with the footbridge, seen from afar. And a clip of my trying to explain this side, quite badly.

There's also a pavilion to lounge and natter on, if you can manage to find space among all the halmonis (grandmas) and harabeojis (grandpas) who are holding court.

There's a cafe which I didn't bother to go into because I found the prices a bit high. (Maybe worth shilling out if you're on a date in the evening.) I was content to sit on a bench with my vending machine drink and some gimbap.

The park is in divisions, this is the flower gardens with daffodils in the forefront. I know that there must be Korean poetry with daffodils as its theme, but I can't help but think of Wordsworth every time I see them.

I took pictures of my Blythe amongst them. (More pics at my doll blog.)

Across the daffodils are water lilies. Many many water lilies.

The gardens are surrounded by walkways and steps.

There are a variety of flowers in all corners of the park.

A small playground and amphitheater are in the middle of the park; great places to play for frogs and kids. (More Wanda Frog pics)

Seonyudo Park (선유도 공원)
Metro line 9, Seonyudo station exit #2 (have to walk a bit, I recommend buses)

Bus lines that stop in front of park gate
From metro line 2 Dangsan station exit #1 : 760, 5714
From metro line 9 Dangsan station exit #13 : 5714
From metro line 2 & 6 Hapjeong station exit #9 : 5714, 7612, 760, 630

Homepage (Korean only)


LoLo said...

Hi !
i like really your simple but i can discover a little of korea by you ! thanks !
sorry for my bad english and sorry i don't speak hangeul
i'm french guy from Marseille, do you know this city ?
i'm married and we have one son and this summer my wife will give to my son a little sista..
i hope to keep contact with you..for moment i don't have a blog.

got msn ? skype ? we could try to talk together next time..
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seoulsuzy said...

Your family sounds wonderful! I've never been to Marseille, I'd like to visit some day.

I don't use online chat/talk services, but the comments here are open. Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great post. Liked the clip at the river, it looks like the US NE or NW with the green and overcast day...

The narration was fine; spontaneous is spontaneous, yes?

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