Monday, July 12, 2010

Skillful procrastination

I have been listening to this song all day, the opening lyrics running through my head over and over, most likely because of a final deadline this week. I'm not freaking out over it, though. One thing I like about being old(er) is that I don't go maniacal stressed-out control-freak batshit crazy as much as I used to. (Hey, I'm blogging in the midst of this - proof enough.)

As the song looped on endless replay, I wondered: are there moments in life, are there moments in my life that I want to replay?

Still thinking about that one. Thankfully, it doesn't need an urgent answer, like most of the pondering I tend to do.

One more song:

Epik High


fatim said...

like this....=)

seoulsuzy said...

Yes, Epik High are awesome! ^_^