Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer nights, ordinary moments

Crossing the Dongjak Bridge, Seoul Metro Line 4

With the exception of horrific sardine-can rush hours, I generally like public transportation. Instead of listening to really loud music through car speakers (which I usually do while driving), I like to eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations, try to guess what song a person is listening to by the fractions of noise and beat that escape their headphones, count the number of people who are wearing black shoes sitting in the opposite row, laugh along with the crowd to the radio program the bus driver has on, look at peoples' faces and imagine their lives and histories.

I also like filming those ordinary rides. Catching moments that just are. Enjoying the juxtaposition of all the reflections and overlaying images from windows and city lights and the camera lens. Fleeting moments that can mean absolutely nothing; moments that make up for much of our everyday life. Grainy footage, scratchy audio, it doesn't matter.

Perhaps I'm in a melancholy mood. This summer is going by far too quickly.


Nana said...

As I said before, I love your blog!! I really hope to move to Korea someday, mohahhahahhaha~
The city seems so so so much more enchanting at night!

seoulsuzy said...

Ah, thanks.
Hope you make your way here; I love it here as well and I'm not saying that just because it's my hometown. ^_^