Monday, August 30, 2010

Let sleeping dogs lie

Or in this case, let one sleeping family poodle lie.

August is coming to a close. I spent most of the month at my parents' place doggysitting while they were on holiday. (Not having a 8-to-7 job makes me a very convenient dogsitter.) Although it wasn't truly "take care of the dog" but more of a "watch the dog sleep" kind of thing. Powersleeping on the sofa, on dad's chair, with a red blanky in my lap (a true lap dog), and smack in the middle of my pillow when I got up for a blink second.

There are rare moments when he does play, but it's quite impossible to get a decent photo.

So, waddaya want? Camera click = instant eye opener. He always looks like he needs a haircut.

Ten years old, and he has the whole family trained just the way he wants.

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