Saturday, August 7, 2010

SICAF 2010 - Part 1

I'm at the family homestead doggysitting spoiled rotten poodle Cocoa (it's impossible not to use those adjectives every time I describe him) while the parents are on holiday, so I'm taking advantage of the air-conditioned environment to catch up on overdue posts.

The 2010 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival took place in July. I go every single year - check out last year's posts in the 2009 August folder - but was totally unprepared for the large family crowds on a weekday. Yeah, I know the kiddies are on summer vacation but still!

The event was held at the COEX.

The Character & Licensing Fair section was booming this year.

I took a (shaky) video clip of the CLF section while jabbering away:

Entry bracelet!

What are Canimals? Guess.
(Pretty obvious.)

Ttu-a-ttu is an alligator or a crocodile that doesn't have a website. -_-;;;

What is a character fair without Pokemon Pikachu?
(LOL at the mom being more excited than the distressed kid.)
Cocomong is a happy monkey!
Banc look so much like hairless Lego minifigs.

Bomai is a smiling child of spring: bom (봄, spring) + ai (아이, child)

Yoohoo and friends. I like these big-eyed fellas.

Modern look Atom by Tezuka Osamu. ("Astroboy" in English-speaking countries; perhaps because of the negative connotations of the atomic bomb? I don't understand why it had to be changed, considering "Atom" itself is an English word.)

Rubberball pool at Dibo's playground was really popular for the toddlers.

The Dokkaebi mascot of Songnisan promotes the Dokkaebi Festival. (Held Aug 7th~ Aug 8th so if you're in the area go have a look! Wish I could go but I'm stuck with the family dog.)

Baby dinosaur Dooly is Korea's Snoopy. He's been around since 1983.

And say hello to Captain Park, aka footballer Park Jisung's cutie-patootie alter ego. (Korean men aren't afraid to be cute; it is an essential element in Korea's modern culture.)

I hadda take a pic, with my deer-in-headlights eyes and frozen toothy grin. (Dorky dork! And I really need a haircut.)

To cleanse your eyes, here's the cute helper from the Kambu booth. ^_^

To be continued...


KingGalbi said...

No more perm?

Carlton said...

I think Astroboy is thought more cool in Anglo countries, science isn't as valued as Buzz Lightyear... that Anglo anti-intellectual prejudice not universal, but widespread.

seoulsuzy said...

@KingGalbi - Got rid of the perm months ago.

@Carlton - Strange. Any term with "boy" in it sounds too cutesy to me.