Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweltering summer keeps on goin'

Summer heat rages on but that doesn't mean I can lie back and do nothing. I've been mad busy, running around north, south, east and west. I spent so much time waiting for buses in the burning sun, dripping sweat like a new water gwishin - deodorant was my best friend this month.

Waiting for the bus at Paldalmun (Paldal Gate) in Suwon. A very different atmosphere from Seoul downtown bus stops, it's on one side of a roundabout that encircles the gate. Paldalmun is a part of the 18th century built Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

I stood right in front of the open doors of a makeup shop to take advantage of the cool air conditioning they were wasting.


KingGalbi said...

Nothing looking walking along the Cheongyecheon with the back of your shirt a sweaty mess!!!!

seoulsuzy said...

Too bad the water of Cheongyechon isn't fit for wading in. At least it's September now. The rain will cool things down, hopefully.