Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to real life

Mum's seafood tteok manduguk

The Seollal holidays have passed and gone yet my body is still stuck in holiday lethargy. My brain, on the other hand, is overcompensating for the hours it was underused so consequently the mismatch between mind and matter is stressing me out to no end. I need a holiday from the holidays, how typical.

What I've been up to:

Family New Year lunch with tteokmanduguk and banchan. Mum mixes up the tteokguk recipe every year, but it always has some sort of seafood in it.

The chardonnay we had with the meal was strong enough to hold its own with the Korean flavors. Strong but not overpowering, creamy, fruity, not too oaked. Nice balance.

Cold spell relented a bit, but the snow hadn't yet melted on the sidewalks of Cheonggyecheon.

Went to Gwangjang market again to get some delicious street food. I really wanted some soju but it was during the day and I had another appointment that evening so no soju that day.

Also dropped by the W Hotel and lounged about with double espresso and chocolate.

And watched the frozen Han River from the windows.

There were also lots of wine dinners, reading in bed (Umberto Eco was my companion for the past couple of weeks), wasting time on the interwebs, and watching holiday programs featuring K-pop idols.
I think I'll fully recover by this weekend and be back to my regular energizer bunny mode. Perfect for this rabbit year.


daydreamer said...

hi ms. seoulsuzy!! i visited seoul during the seollal and i love the city!!

thanks for all the infos. i love love your photos. will definitely go back there. :)

seoulsuzy said...

@ daydreamer : Great to know you had fun on your trip and that you love Seoul!
You're always welcome and come visit again. ^_^

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seoulsuzy said...

@BlogKorea - Hello. Thank you so much for your interest. By the way, I'm already contributing to's official blog ( as a featured blogger so creating separate content for Buzz at this time might be difficult.
I'll be sure to join should I have appropriate content (that isn't the usual drivel I have here on my personal blog) and that doesn't overlap with my other obligations.
Thanks once again. Have a happy week and happy March!