Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit

Hite beer promotion display for the Year of the Rabbit

Remember the saying, "Chase two rabbits, catch none"? Well, do I really have to mention how ancient history that is? In this day and age of multi-everything, you can't do anything without chasing two (or even more) rabbits at once. Of course, you need to have the goods and skills to catch 'em, but that's totally something you can work on.
It's the Seollal (Lunar New Year) holidays. The year of the rabbit is officially starting so I'm also officially stating that I'll be catching as many rabbits as possible this year.

One of the things I'll be doing : adding my voice to's official blog. I'll be posting more informational content about Seoul and Korea over there, while this blog will get a tad more personal by and by.

The Korea Blog

Have a very Happy Seollal, wherever in the world you may be.
May good fortune always grace your life .

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