Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dinner at Gina's

When you're a foodie and wino, your friends tend to be foodies and winos as well and when you have classically trained ex-chefs in your regular group? Well then, it's paradise for us who aren't.

Gina invited us over for dinner on a Friday night.

Beautiful table setting.

Her homemade olive tapenade with sliced baguette.

Yummy! (Gina sells her tapenade by the jar and it's worth every bit.)

Homemade (again) candied walnuts and cheese.

Spinach salad with those walnuts and cheese.

Tomato and mozzarella salad.

Pasta! Gina was griping that it wasn't al dente, but we really didn't care.

Medium rare steak with greens on the side.

We couldn't stop stuffing ourselves. This time it's hummus with bread.

Probably because we had several bottles of wine that night, including this Bordeaux Blanc which hit the spot.

Dessert! A selection of pies and cakes that SH brought over.

And because a homemade meal can't end without a Korean dish, Gina whipped up some bindaetteok...

...and some kimchi jjigae.

Gah, everything was delicious and we were stuffed to our gills. Many thanks to Gina, we heart you! <3

P.S. Gina sells her homemade tapenade and candied walnuts in several different sizes. If you're interested please let me know and I'll pass on the information to her. (Not posting her email because evil spambots lurk on the interwebs.)


KingGalbi said...

Those pics put me in a New York state of mind...I would be interested in purchasing two jars of her olive tapenade.

seoulsuzy said...

@KingGalbi - Could you please email me to the Naver account under "contact" on the right bar? I'll relay your email to her and she'll get back to you with details. Thanks!

Yelena Lim said...

"Gina's" is the restaurant in Seoul? and could you please give us the address, I'd love to go there ^^

seoulsuzy said...

@ Yelena - We were invited to Gina's house. All my restaurant reviews have contact info. The ones that don't mean that we were partying it up in private settings.
She'll be pretty stoked you thought we were at a restaurant, though! (Her food is fabuluous.)