Friday, March 4, 2011

When you're too lazy to read...

... just listen. (Even if the speaker is a repetitive, apologetic, ummm-er.)

Video clips from January and February.

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Puffin Watch said...

I love that weird outdoor mall in Insadong. The weirdest art display I saw in the center court was this:

(semi not work safe)

Yes, I'm male and had to zoom up on her stuff.

seoulsuzy said...

Dude, if I didn't know you I would've marked this comment as spam!
Ssamzie really encouraged weird indie artists - that was a public display!

daydreamer said...

i love insadong and ssamziegil! i am very interested on how you treat your architecture and interiors :) and there are lots of cutesy and artsy stuffs, though i wish i could take them all home.

thanks for the video! will always be waiting for your updates since i don't know when i can come back to your country!

seoulsuzy said...

@ daydreamer - Thanks. I love Insadong, too. Just the right mix of old and new. Hope you can come visit in another season. ^_^

Puffin Watch said...

I couldn't imagine many American cities not freaking out by that art, especially in a place where there are so many school kids. But then I'm sure it's nothing a 8 year old doesn't see in a jimjilbang.