Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baa baa, sheep!

To be honest, that's what I feel like these days. That's how the media is treating the public. Like clueless sheep. I know I'm not the only one annoyed at the media in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake. I want to know why some channels decide to hype things up and blow things out of proportion while feeding off from unreliable sources. What happened to journalistic integrity?

It's not only sheep. There are also the self-appointed dumb asses who are freaking out like no tomorrow without getting a clear idea of what's going on. The interwebs, so effective in sending out valid information when needed, is also effective in spreading unwarranted paranoia and panic. (Iodine tablets selling out? Geez, people! Get a grip!)

Feeling like sheep, feeling like cussing out all the idiots who are aggrevating the situation, I'm posting these sheep photos in an effort to alleviate the mood.
This sheep series by Korean artist Kim Bumzun, displayed at the Ssamziegil gallery in 2010, is titled "Sheep sakkideul" (Sheep 새끼들), a play on a Korean curse word equivalent to the English "f#ckers".

The satirical humor, the overtly cute factor of the farkin' sheep themselves, the situations they are in; all mirror this human world we live in.

On a side note, I'm rereading Walden. It's my go-to book whenever I feel unsettled and ill at ease. I'm trying to make sense of life, which doesn't get easier to understand the older you get, no matter what the elders say.


Anonymous said...

I had not heard of Walden until now. I followed your link and the idea behind the book sounds interesting. May have to find a copy.

QiRanger said...

For many in the west, I've long felt that the ability to critically think has been rung out of them, thanks to passiveness in school. Truly sad.

I hope really hope this disaster wakes people up and forces them to hold their media professionals accountable. But then again, I realize what world we live in and know that will never happen.

Special Movies said...

Very funny sheep.

seoulsuzy said...

@Kristal - The book gives me a lot of perspective without being preachy. Would like to know what you think after reading it. ^_^

@QiRanger - I think it's becoming the same here, regarding passiveness. Kids don't seem willing to do things that they "don't have to do" and it's rare to find 20-somethings who are willing to take initiative. (Dang, I feel like an oldie talking.)
And journalism definitely isn't what it used to be.