Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coffee in Ilsan - Cafe Lugo

Since spring has decided to downplay its presence, I have no qualms about posting pictures with the remnants of winter blatant in the background. (With a Christmas tree to boot!)

I found this coffee shop by accident; needing a caffeine fix while shopping at the New Core outlet in Ilsan,  I just ventured into the restaurant zone and there it was.

The lighting of the coffee shop was warm and inviting, and despite it being the holiday season it was peaceful and quiet.

The interior pleased me immensely. I love dark wood tones (my bookcases in my living room are this color) and the light touches here and there lift up the atmosphere. Loved the chandeliers made of coffee bean scoopers, too!

They also had a large table which I'm sure would be welcome by students in a study group.

I ordered a basic latte. Proper cup and saucer! The crema was a bit thick for me but not overwhelmingly foamy. Not the best I had, but I think I would choose this place over a "regular" Starbucks or Coffee Bean to avoid noisy crowds.

Located on the 8th floor of New Core Outlet in Ilsan.
Metro : Madu station (Line 3) Exit #5
Walk straight from the exit and the building is on your right at the crossroads. Impossible to miss.

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