Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cocoa the Fickle

The suitable spelling when considering the Korean pronuniciation of his name would be 'Coco' but since it always reminds me of Chanel I just add the 'a' on the end. Anyhow, he's the spoiled rotten family toy poodle who doesn't realize he's a dog.

Usually when I visit my parents' he goes into a frenzy of delight upon seeing me - for about a minute. (It used to be five minutes then three then...) After receiving hugs and the occasional treat he will retire to his cushion and promptly go into "don't be a bothersome pest, leave me alone' mode and ignore me for the rest of my stay, unless I'm heading for the kitchen (treats!) or mention 'walk'.

I took him out for a walk and got my mother all annoyed because he got tiny burs all stuck in his fur. Had no idea how hard they were to get out nor how easily they stuck all over the carpets and rugs.

He's mostly an indoor city dog so he doesn't stay out long; he's like a 'fraidy dog, even the slightest sounds make him jump. Evidence shown in this video taken in July:

There are times when he's inexplicably clingy and needy, too. His pride does not allow him to show it much so even though he'll jump on the bed and snuggle in the quilts, he'll purposely avoid your gaze.

Me is not looking atchoo!

No, I'm not gonna get off to let you sleep!

I'm sleeping here, I tell ya! Now gimme a backrub.

Mum was going out on the day I was leaving so when he realized that he was going to be home alone, he got into a mood and purposely pooed on the carpet right next to the door and then promptly pretended that we weren't there. *eye roll and face palm*

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