Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back in Seoul

And back to reality.

It was a rather short trip to Tokyo but with quite a full schedule, even though I didn't have jet lag to deal with (Seoul and Tokyo are in the same time zone) I did have to get over killer fatigue upon coming back.

There were going-ons that I missed while being away: the Kimchi Love Festival (which must have been a hot and spicy blast), the Seoul Air Show, Kia Tigers winning the Korean Series with a goodbye homerun in the end of the 9th (talk about drama; I had to check out video clips later, it was like a movie).

While in Tokyo I checked out Design Festa Vol. 30; the Treasures of the Habsburg Monarchy at the National Art Center, Tokyo; Ai Wei Wei's exhibition at the Mori Art Museum; lunched at various Japanese cuisine restaurants, dined at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Roppongi, sipped wine at Bisty's in Omotesando Hills; refrained self from overspending on books at Kinokuniya, strolled down Ginza and did a lot of window shopping, took photos for my Napzzak Project almost everywhere, bought a bunch of geeky dolly stuff, met up with friends from all over (European, American, Japanese and Korean) and basically had a very fun time.

Detailed posts coming later on, probably starting this weekend. I have a helluva lot of photo editing to do.

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