Friday, October 2, 2009

Harvest + Full Moon = Chuseok

Okay, I'm not that cute but hey.

Today starts the beginning of Chuseok, the Autumn Harvest Festival, i.e. Korean Thanksgiving.
Most Seoulites leave the city in mass exodus to see their families in the country and during long holidays the city is quite serene and still; much less hustle and bustle. I love Seoul at these times; it's like seeing a wild child in a rare quiet moment, caught unawares.

Anyhow. I'm off to my parent's to gorge on holiday food and be useless for a couple of days. Maybe I'll find the energy to lug myself to see some holiday festivities, maybe not.

Be sure to make a wish while looking at the Full Harvest Moon. Once again, Happy Chuseok!

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