Monday, January 11, 2010

Châtaigne - A bit of France in a Korean corner

Can anyone enlighten me the difference between a marron and a châtaigne? I'd like to think I know the difference when the words refer to color - marron being a shade darker - but the nut? Is one a regular chestnut and the other a water chestnut? If so, which is which?

Châtaigne is the name of the French restaurant hidden away in a corner of Samcheong-dong, away from the main alley to the trendy district. The chef has his own unique style forged from many years living in France and the vintage Korean feel that the neighborhood offers. Not fully traditional French, yet not too gimmicky to be called fusion.

I actually went last autumn, when the ground was void of snow. (Belated posts are becoming a trademark of mine, unfortunately.)

I'm not quite sure whether there are other dining areas - the room we entered only had three tables, and the chef served us directly.
Chestnut soup, rainbow trout, vegetable fricassée.

Risotto with a very Korean deep fried louch fish.

I chose not to eat meat that day. Steamed croaker. It was the best fish I had in ages.
Dessert. Apple sorbet with crumble. I wished the crumble had been a bit more crumbly; it felt more like a cookie.

And coffee, of course.

Situated near the entrance to Samcheong-dong. The menu is full course only for lunch and dinner (no à la carte), lunch being obviously less expensive than dinner. No homepage.
Reservations needed.
(02) 736-5385


Anonymous said...

Châtaigne refers to the edible chestnut. Marron is used for chestnuts in general - basically the inedible chestnuts. Marron is also use to as a colour: dark brown.

seoulsuzy said...

I knew about the colour, but thanks for the clarification! I was much more familiar with marron and now I know why. ^_^

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seoulsuzy said...

Thanks for your interest.
You may link to whatever post you think appropriate, I'm always happy to contribute.
Will check out the other channels as well. Cheers.