Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Bomb

On New Year's Day, the snow lay light and bright. My footprints left slight imprints in my parents' yard.

But then a few days later snow just BOMBARDED the whole Korean peninsula. Seoul had no idea what to do. Absolutely clueless. Roads were completely clogged. I took the metro to avoid delays but had to change trains twice because the snow drifts were causing multiple problems. (Not to mention I nearly suffocated because everyone and their cousins' cousins all decided to take the trains as well.)

City snow is so not pretty. When the weather gets warmer everything will turn into even uglier slush. Scenes of Gangnam:

Unlike the shallow prints I left on New Year's Day, my Doc Martens just disappeared in the snow drifts. I'm wearing my kneehigh Ugg knock-offs tomorrow.

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