Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthday dress

Erm, my birthday was two months ago. Ahahahahaha! Yep, that's how behind I am in updating this blog.
I'm a Libra, we like pretty things. I always get myself something (because I'm worth it or insert some other lame catchphrase that marketers throw at women, really doesn't matter). This year I got this:
I had to alter the chest area *cough cough*. The saleslady who was sticking pins for the alteration actually said out loud, "You have absolutely nothing here!" Cracked me up immensely because she didn't realize what she was saying. Hee.
Forgot to take a picture of myself actually wearing the darn thing and now it's too cold. C'est la vie.
P.S. For an ex-fashion industry person, I honestly don't talk enough about fashion, do I?


KingGalbi said...

That is a nice dress. You still have it?

thefooddiplomat said...

I love your DVF dress~! I want one the print and vibrant colors....please wear it one day when we meet up ~!!!!