Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Design Festa Vol. 30 - Part 3

Watching artists in action is another great part of the event. I love how large scale these are. (But how do they "take" their art home? Are they discarded after the event? I should ask next time.)

I once heard an indie artist say that they became an artist because they always wanted to draw on the walls without getting yelled at. I totally get that.

My friend Tibiloo and I left our mark on a scroll of rolling paper. I always doodle rabbits and Tibiloo, who is originally from Bourgogne, drew a famous Bourgogne escargot (snail).


Arriane said...

I am loving all your Design Festa posts! (This comment might be a year late, but I hope it pops up in your inbox!)

I'm going to Seoul this October, would you know if there's a similar art event I can catch? :)


seoulsuzy said...

Hi, Arriane.
Unfortunately there isn't a large scale indie art event in Seoul. However, you can always check out the indie art scene in the Hongdae area, and the galleries in Insadong and Samcheongdong.
For the more "established" arts, Seoul Design Fair 2010 runs until Oct 7 and Media Seoul 2010 until Nov 17. Hope this helps.