Thursday, December 10, 2009

Elephants at Roppongi Hills

Before meeting up with a hubae in Roppongi Hills, I killed some time in the plaza. The Tokyo Internation Film Festival was going on during that time with "green" as its main theme, to promote TIFF's ecology initiative. The event area was decked out in posters and displays about the environment, with green carpet rolled out instead of the traditional red.

The plaza where I was lounging was occupied by animals made out of recycled PET bottles. I particularly liked the elephants.

There were many journalists filming; I'm pretty sure I'm in some of their footage as a background extra. "Tourists are interested in these installations, too!" sort of thing.

The eyes are from the bottle caps. Pretty clever.

As I was waiting a group of guys came over and just hauled away the smaller elephant for a photoshoot someplace else. It took three people, but they lifted it up pretty easily.

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