Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ikura & Kani Gohan at Kyonochaya (Tokyo)

I stay at Shinjuku a lot when in Tokyo. Mostly because I dislike taking the train into the city from the airport (hate changing lines). The airport limousine bus stop in west Shinjuku is close to almost everything, so despite my wanting to try out other neighborhoods, the convenience of the neighborhood beckons me back.

The neighborhood is home to many department stores. When I don't have an eating itinerary planned out beforehand, I usually eat at the dining areas of department stores; the food is usually above standard, especially if you're looking for local cuisine.

I frequent the dining area at Odakyu the most. My favorite restaurant there serves traditional seafood gohan (rice) sets. Funny thing is, I've never ever seen a young person in this restaurant. The clientele, at least whenever I've been there, are of the older generation. The waitresses are in kimonos and the atmosphere is rather subdued in a "proper" sort of way, but I've never felt uncomfortable.
The staff are very kind and patient. When I stumble over words while ordering they help me out without making me feel inadequate.
The food is for the tofu-liking palate; i.e. those who don't need deep and heavy seasoning on their food. Very light and subtle.

I had the salmon, ikura (salmon roe) and kani (crab) gohan set this time. The rice comes in a wooden steamer which you move to the porcelain rice bowl with the large wooden spoon. I move the rice little by little so the rice can remain warm in its original container.

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