Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vogue Cafe at NACT

I'm finally getting around posting about Tokyo because I realize that this year is practically over and if I don't do it now, procrastination will never ever end. I have a tendency to procrastinate when I assume the task at hand isn't urgent nor very time consuming. Not very good judgement about the latter, though. Everything usually takes about two times more than I usually anticipate, in proportion to the procrastinated time. (I also spend too much time on self-analysis instead of getting right to the point. Meh.)

I went to the National Art Center Tokyo to catch an exhibition (will talk about it in future post). After hours of gazing at artwork I went for coffee at the Vogue Café (Salon de Thé Rond). I had initially wanted to go to Brasserie Paul Bocuse Le Musée, but alas, there was a looooong waiting line so I decided it would be better to actually lunch or dine there on a future trip.

The Vogue Café had a menu including light sandwiches. I initially went for coffee but their desserts looked delicious - I decided on a framboise cake.

The cake was a great consistency, not too sweet nor tart. Coffee refill a basic service as well.
Being the dolly geek that I am, I took pictures of a keychain doll which caught the attention of the posh elderly ladies who were sipping coffee at the next table. I caught them looking and chuckling so I explained (a bit sheepishly, to be frank) that "it's a hobby of mine", to which they replied enthusiastically, "Kawaii~!"

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