Friday, December 4, 2009

Italian Bistro Red Brick

Wine group gathering at the ever accomodating Red Brick in Seorae Maeul. The food is what I call 'as is'; nothing more, nothing less than what you'd expect at a casual Italian bistro. The atmosphere is quite casual as well, so we never worry about being the obnoxiously loud group acting all snobbish while swirling wine in their glasses.
Open kitchen:
The light crispy pizzas are baked in traditional ovens.

The salmon with asparagus and eggplant. Very big dill garnish on top reminded me of Christmas. (It's practically a tree!)

I had a severe case of shaky hands that night, all the rest of the photos came out blurry. We ate a lot more than what's above, and we consumed more wines than seen below.

Red Brick
(02) 591-7878 Closed on Mondays
Their blog (Korean only)

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