Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Design Festa Gallery (Tokyo)

As much as I like Design Festa, I like their gallery in Harajuku; it's such a funky casual place, much like the event itself. I took pictures for my Napzzak Project while I visited.

The gallery has a drinking and dining area, both indoors and out, but I never had the time to lounge.
Many independent artists show their work inside the gallery, which consists of series of rooms of various sizes. I have the impression that the gallery itself is a restored housing unit.

I love unused empty spaces. Wish I had my tripod to take self portraits, the background and lighting was so perfect.

Didn't take a lot of pictures of the gallery itself, I have been there numerous times and it's quite difficult to view it with a fresh perspective. I do have a lot of photos taken for the aforementioned Napzzak Project, though.

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