Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Design Festa Vol. 30 - Part 1

I've been frequenting Design Festa for several years now, it's a great venue to check out the independent art (and design and crafts) scene. Most of the exhibitors are Japanese, but there are more and more international participants each year.

Loved the main poster illustrations, did my own version for my Napzzak Project.

The event area at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba is huuuuuuuge. A view of the first floor stage for music recitals, fashion shows, and performance art.

There are eating and resting areas throughout, the main being on the second floor. After the first time I attended, I never ate there again - bad overpriced food, in my opinion. I usually get something to eat from the convenience store before going in.

I don't take a lot of pictures anymore. There are times when I find myself more absorbed in taking photos than actually enjoying the event. Besides, the place is so big that once you start taking photos you really don't know when to stop. It gets pretty overwhelming.
I was viewing the event with fellow Blythe friends Tibiloo and Natsuko. We met up with Paul Kaiju and Melissa of Super Junk. Paul was showing his work. Loved the bunny.
Melissa brought some of her incredible handmade pose dolls. We got a private showing.
The sitting pose dolls are tiny tiny tiny and so well made! I don't trust myself with something that delicate, so I snatched up the bigger doll (in the tube).

Some of the other artists that grabbed my eye. Someone has a leg fetish.
I like rabbits. It comes from my fascination of the "I'm late" white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

This booth cracked me (and my friend Tibiloo) up like crazy. Take a stereotypical Japanese fetish and pair it with cute merchandise, this is what you get. Not only did they have bondage rabbits, they had a whole assortment of various characters to suit everyone. I got a blue rabbit in red rope cellphone strap.

More rabbits: white rabbit with a serious expression and a skinny wood rabbit.

Most artists sell their work at the booths. This was my favorite artist this time around. Her work was incredibly intricate and lovely. Soooo expensive. NOT overpriced in my opinion, I'm quite sure that it deserves the price she's asking because of the time she spent making these.
I was low on cash. Which may be a good thing, because if Design Festa exhibitors start accepting credit cards I'd probably be a spending fool.
Work by Atelier Mina :

I was happy to find Korean artist Drinky Doll. Another favorite artist.

I like the whimsical characterizations of this artist as well.
I once did a project similar to this, but this egg carton display is way cuter.

The land of colorful monsters, Japan is. This one was tired of all the art gazing.

Hybrid puffball and Barbie legs monsters. Kawaii? Or not?

I loved these Kewpie Christmas trees. Thought I would make one myself but am now kind of regretting not getting a spray painted one.

More posts about Design Festa follows.

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